Bay holistic center


proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path

Bay Mackall is an intuitive wellness coach and a transformational healer.  She has an extensive background in the Holistic Health and spiritual growth fields.  She healed herself of melanoma cancer in 1990 with a 2% chance of survival, using herbs and prayer. 

Bay has also been challenged with a mood disorder some people refer to as bipolar with psychotic features. 

Bay has been determined to find her center and share what processes she has developed and discovered. She is no stranger to side effects of medications or the stigma society associates with mental illness. She has conquered finding ways to successfully mitigate the multitude of illnesses that she endured as a result of taking antipsychotics.

Bay hopes her understanding is as contagious as her laugh, and that she can continue to nurture the dismantling of the idea that bipolar is a disease to fear but a gift, the ultimate test of one’s soul.